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While attending college, Mary Racila launched her career at a publishing company in Chicago. Working her way up from an entry-level position, she eventually made creative director and has been with the same company for more than 27 years.


While retaining her role as creative director, Mary launched Racila Design. Racila Design afforded her the ability to be the creative director for a number of publishing companies as well as branch off into other areas of design such as branding, marketing and advertising.  

Celebrating over a decade in the industry, Racila Design has allowed Mary to take on some unique projects, often testing her boundaries.

She's designed billboards in downtown Los Angeles, a drone landing pad for Amazon deliveries in Seattle, created countless monument signs, published numerous magazines in multiple industries, branded the tallest residential high-rise in the country, crafted presentations for bigwigs such as multiple U.S. presidents, laid out annual reports for heavy hitters like Nike and Oregon’s Department of Fishing and Wildlife, designed and branded a war museum in Chicago, and much more. 

With offices in Washington, Oregon and Illinois, Racila Design is a full-service design studio that currently enjoys clients from across the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Mary is a fierce advocator for the ocean and animals, especially her beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs. Her passions include sailing, tennis, hiking and cx skiing. Life in the PNW has rewarded her greatly.


Mary graduated college in the top 10 of her entire graduation class and number one in Fine Arts, earning her Highest Honors — Summa Cum Laude. Today, she is a member of number of numerous organizations such as AIGA, Inc.’s Solopreneurs and the National Association of Women’s Business Owners.




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Euri received her Graphic Design degree from Portland State University’s School of Art + Design. After graduating, Euri moved to Spain for a position as an assistant English teacher while also working as a freelance graphic designer. She is always open to new perspectives and learning about other cultures, as she finds joy in meeting people and trying food she’s never had. 


Euri spends her free time illustrating with multiple mediums, cooking, animating, chatting with someone, and perfecting the art of coffee brewing. 




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Tristan is a production designer and web developer with more than 10 years of experience. His main focus has been on helping small businesses but his clients and experiences are as wide-ranging as his interests. He is up for any design or coding challenge, though his true passion lies in information and visualization design; as Tristan says, he loves a good graph.  


Tristan spends his free time reading, traveling, woodworking, gaming, Netflix binging, and chasing after his insanely adorable dogs.



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Kat Buckley is a graphic designer and comedian living in Portland, Oregon. Raised in Florida, she graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and Art History from the University of South Florida. Using her knack for bright colors and fun fonts she spent several years designing for Disney On Ice, Monster Jam and Ringing Bros before moving to Portland Oregon in 2016. She has been freelancing for a wide variety of clients ever since — using her skills in Illustration and front-end web design to bring projects to life. Kat originally moved to Portland thinking people would be less weird than in Florida. She was wrong.

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Former touring/studio musician out of Northern Virginia and now living in Portland, Chris was also a government contractor for the Federal Maritime Commission and the National Archives for more than 10 years in Washington DC. Chris is a partner of Junkhouse Entertainment LLC, a publishing company based out of Virginia. They provide start up services for artists of all mediums and also other small businesses. Chris does this by offering social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and live web maintenance. He is also almost completely self-taught in web design and HTML coding.




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Kenzie Dineen is an Entertainment Media specialist from Massachusetts who spent her college years as a section editor of the school paper. Her passion currently lies in music, journalism and directing music videos, which she releases through her Press and Productions company, Band Over Fist LLC. 


Kenzie is a musician and artist by nature and is currently in the production phase of her first EP. She enjoys spending her free time with her cat, exploring the Pacific Northwest and training to be a yoga instructor. 



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Jacob Smith is a graphic designer and illustrator from Huntsville, Texas. He is currently working towards getting his BFA in Graphic Design at Sam Houston State University. Ever since Jacob was little he knew he wanted to be a designer. He was constantly illustrating and coming up with new creative ideas. Jacob became interested in Graphic Design his Sophomore year in high school when he realized he had a passion for branding and conceptual design.

Jacob spends his free time working on commissions, doing personal artwork, watching anime, and driving around drinking Nitro Cold Brew.




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Beth Allison is a media designer who has worked on both print and digital editions of titles such as PEOPLE Magazine and the New York Post. After 10 years in the New York City market, she's headed west for fresh creative challenges. She loves adventuring, a good book and a strong cup of coffee. 

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Miranda grew up in Portland and graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Product Design. After graduating, she focused on her Graphic Design skills and has helped clients develop brands and marketing materials for digital and print, including ads in Luxe Magazine, Oregon Business, The Winged M, and Haven. She thrives surrounded by other people, collaborating on new and exciting projects every day!

In her free time, you can catch her spending time with her family, exploring the city or creating a new illustration on her iPad.



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Ashlan Taylor received her BA in Graphic Design and Photography, and MSc in Consumer Behavior in England before settling in the USA. Her career has run the gamut from photography teacher to Federal Reserve designer, and from ad agency work to usability research. She has found a passion for creative strategy development and loves the flexibility and freedom that comes with working as a freelancer. After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2015, she did what all respectable Portlandian’s do and got herself a flock of backyard chickens and threw out her umbrella.

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Native to Oregon, Stephanie is a graphic designer who grew up spending much of her time creating art. After studying graphic arts and communications in college, she was able to turn her passion into a full-time career. With experience working with publishing houses, commercial printers and marketing departments, Stephanie has developed both a strong editorial and digital design skillset.

When she's not in front of the computer, she's outside enjoying the Pacific Northwest by riding bikes, kayaking, camping, outdoor concerts, wine tasting, and enjoying the best restaurants and local breweries. She's a huge animal lover with her faithful dog "Sugar" with her at all times.

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Rebecka is a graphic designer and artist with a passion for printmaking, poster arts and book arts. She attended Indiana University with a focus in Psychology and Visual Arts. She graduated from SIU Carbondale with a degree in Media Arts and continued to study Graphic Design and Photography at Columbia College Chicago. She began her career in Chicago as a print designer for clients such as RJ Reynolds and various non-profits and theaters. She later moved to Los Angeles and worked as a designer for a variety of clients such as The California Endowment and Playboy TV Networks. She has recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, with Portland as home base, she has continued her work for high-profile clients like Nike and Adidas.  

Rebecka loves the forests of the PNW and camping in her mobile art shop with her cat. After taking time out and experimenting with off-grid lifestyles, she found herself being pulled into the direction of the healing arts. She is currently studying reiki and sound healing. Her recent obsession is learning modular synthesizer and she loves playing with her Korg Volca Modular. Rebecka also has a great love for animals and considers time with animals and nature to be the highest quality time.




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Weighing in at 117 pounds, Bruce is a handsome 6-year old Bernese Mountain dog. A puppy mill dog rescue by BARC inc., he was adopted at 9 months by our fearless leader. He’s a proud shop dog that enjoys mid-day naps, powder days on the Hood, long walks on the beach, and hanging out with his mom. And let’s not forget the occasional puppuccino from Starbucks or biscuits at Bank of America.